15.12.2021 State policy Mykola Gorbachov: We definitely will not be left without food In the exclusive interview with FEG, President of the Ukrainian Grain Association Mykola Gorbachov spoke about the prospects of grain prices, the problems of transport infrastructure and logistics and the future of grain production increase resulting from the land reform 23.11.2021 State policy Serhiy Korsunsky: European Union Association Agreement also opened Japanese markets. Japanese people are interested in one thing – quality Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Japan Serhiy Korsunsky in an exclusive interview with FEG spoke about the ways Ukrainian brands began to find their place in Japanese supermarkets and why it is so difficult to negotiate with Japanese people 15.11.2021 State policy Bohdan Danylyshyn: central banks’ excessively increasing independence damages their potential to achieve objectives In the second part of exclusive FEG interview, Head of the Council of the NBU Bohdan Danylyshyn speaks about the harmful autonomy of the NBU administration and the reasons why foreign investment should not be expected in near future 10.11.2021 State policy Global taxation. Why it is a hint of necessary tax changes in Ukraine Tax rules are changing globally. Will Ukraine manage to solve the offshore problem? 05.11.2021 Direct speech Anatoly Guley: Central Bank Digital currencies (CBDC) — the third money form. How it will change our world? Central Bank Digital currencies (CBDC) are a legal form of payment. They are transparent and stable — that allows to address all types of risks from cryptocurrencies functioning. 26.10.2021 World practices World economy during COVID-19 pandemic: growth for some, sickness of growth for others. What awaits Ukraine? Drastic decline in 2020 has been followed by an equally rapid recovery, but rapid growth has proved to be as damaging as rapid recession. Different countries are coming out of the pandemic at different speed, and a rapid recovery of leaders could result in new turbulence for those left behind 25.10.2021 World practices Money can be abundant. Why did the world plunge into food crisis Governments and central banks attempt to protect production from the consequences of lockdowns by traditional monetary methods stumbled upon the methods by which the same governments had tried to counteract the spread of the pandemic. As a result, production does not revive, and the world is currently experiencing a food crisis, which may soon turn into a complex crisis 11.10.2021 World practices Driver shortages. Why are food prices skyrocketing in the EU The global crisis provoked by the coronavirus pandemic is gaining momentum and poses new threats to developed countries, food crisis being one of these threats 06.10.2021 State policy If gas price hits $2000. What should Ukraine do, three basic scenarios With the rise of European gas prices and a sharp reduction of transit volumes, Ukraine is rapidly losing its gas potential. And as a whole, the country's energy balance looks increasingly sad in terms of natural gas, coal, and even oil and petroleum products. But the root of these problems is not that much in current European troubles 29.09.2021 World practices Bankruptcy of Evergrande: will the world be gripped by "financial COVID" from China? The largest Chinese investment and development company Evergrande Group has announced the sale of most of its stake in the state-owned Shengjing Bank. The value of the shares is more than $ 1.5 billion, and the bank itself is ready to act as a buyer. This money will be enough for Evergrande to service its debt obligations, but does not solve the issue of its astronomical debt
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