18.01.2022 Events US and EU change their minds about cutting off Russia from SWIFT as sanctions In the USA and Europe, Russia's disconnection from SWIFT interbank payment information transmission system is no longer considered as sanction 18.01.2022 Events Rate on Ukrainian Eurobonds-2022 jumps to 26.5% Sale of Ukrainian Eurobonds on European stock exchanges is due to worsening expectations of possible Russian aggression. On Monday, January 17, quotations of Ukrainian Eurobonds fell by 2.3-4.6% (depending on maturity) 18.01.2022 Events Deposit Guarantee Fund compiles rating of banks on deposits of Ukrainians Among 70 participating banks of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund (IDGF), there are 49.1 million deposits in the amount of UAH 641.2 billion 18.01.2022 Events Banks issue UAH 82.5 billion for "5-7-9 loans" Last week, micro, small and medium-sized business received 470 loans for UAH 683 million under "Affordable loans 5-7-9%" state program 17.01.2022 Events Gazprom did not book additional transit through Ukraine and Poland for February Russian Gazprom in February will not use additional transit capacity through Ukraine, as well as the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline 17.01.2022 Events There may be six or seven US Federal Reserve rate hikes - JPMorgan CEO JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon thinks the US Federal Reserve may resort to not three, but six or even seven interest rate hikes 17.01.2022 Events PrivatBank reduces acquiring tariffs for Ukrainian business Since 15 January 2022, PrivatBank has established single basic fee for acquiring services at retail outlets (accepting payments by bank cards) for business clients in the amount of 1.8% 17.01.2022 Events Central bank of China lowers two base rates to support economy People's Bank of China lowers at once two key interest rates to support economy, which slowed down in the fourth quarter of 2021 17.01.2022 Events Oil prices continue to increase - Brent rose to $86.23 per barrel Oil prices continue to rise after rapid increase last week 17.01.2022 Events French Neobank with $5 billion valuation enters Ukraine French fintech company Qonto announces opening of local office to provide services to Ukrainian business. The company started the process of hiring employees in Ukraine
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