02.12.2021 State policy One for all. What business may expect from the Bureau of Economic Security On 24 November, the Cabinet of Ministers issued an order to establish the Bureau of Economic Security (BES) which in fact officially launched the agency’s activity 26.11.2021 Direct speech Dmytro Sobolev: What is the relation between taxes and "shadow economy" in Ukraine It is hardly possible to cover the entire spectrum of tax evasion, starting with aggressive tax planning to smuggling, though in order to understand the ways to counter this, it is necessary to find out its main manifestations and causes 25.11.2021 Direct speech Volodymyr Dubrovsky: Main schemes of tax evasion are "salaries in envelopes" and smuggling Last year, among the ways of avoiding taxes, "shadow" salaries caused the greatest losses to the budget and amounted to UAH 110-150 billion. This fact is reflected in a recent study by the Institute of Socio-Economic Transformation and the CASE Ukraine Center for Socio-Economic Research based on new data 18.11.2021 Financial control Will the tax amnesty eventually give way to a tough tax control? Since September 1, Ukrainians got an opportunity to legalize their undeclared incomes passing through one-off and voluntary procedure of declaration of their wealth to the government. FEG journalists and experts tried to figure out how is it going and what can hinder the process 17.11.2021 Direct speech Dmytro Sobolev: Not just punish. What should the Economic Security Bureau do The launch of a new law enforcement agency is expected very soon, the Economic Security Bureau (ESB). Its competence will be the investigation of economic crimes. However, another important function of the BEB is the preventive identification of risk zones in the economy and the actual prevention of economic crimes 10.11.2021 State policy Global taxation. Why it is a hint of necessary tax changes in Ukraine Tax rules are changing globally. Will Ukraine manage to solve the offshore problem? 10.09.2021 Financial control The law takes virtual currencies in Ukraine out of shadow, but they are not becoming money The essence of the law, its pros and cons, the risks that virtual money hides and what market participants say - let's consider it in more details 04.09.2021 Financial control The NBU imposed sanctions against financial companies that did not report for the past year The National Bank has suspended licenses of nine financial companies that did not provide an independent auditor's report for 2020
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