12.01.2022 Direct speech Dmytro Sobolev: How Ukraine can make inflation its ally in countering economic challenges Ukraine, as an open economy deeply integrated into world processes, will have to face global economic challenges in 2022 11.01.2022 Direct speech Bohdan Danylyshyn: The factors that are currently contributing to inflation are beyond the influence of monetary policy According to the State Statistics data, consumer prices in December increased by 0.6% compared to November 2021, in annual terms, the inflation index decreased from 10.3% to 10.0%, since last year's comparison base was higher (in December last year, the monthly inflation rate was 0.9%) 06.01.2022 Direct speech Oleksiy Kushch: Ukrainian trade performance shows that we are not ready for free trade areas As of January-October 2021, Ukraine’s trade with China grew to $15.09 billion (14% of total trade turnover). In terms of volume and growth, trade with China proved to be the most promising for the Ukrainian economy 22.12.2021 Direct speech Taras Zagorodny: Law on Localization is a turning point in the defence of our economic sovereignty The Law on localization of production in public procurement has recently been adopted. That means we will no longer be robbed under the guise of "free market" 16.12.2021 Direct speech Vyacheslav Cherkashin: Major reform of companies’ income taxation postponed to 2023 Since 2015, Ukraine could not find the strength to turn to a model of tax collection from the distributed profit of companies (locally — tax on withdrawn capital, or ToWC) 14.12.2021 Direct speech Dmytro Sobolev: "Foundation for Future Generations" in Ukraine. How they function in other countries Sovereign state funds are already a fairly common global practice and its implementation in Ukraine is long overdue 09.12.2021 Direct speech Valery Klochok: Updated Memorandum with IMF. Same old songs about the same Although the updated Memorandum with the IMF of June 2020 under a stand-by (SBA) program went unnoticed in the context of media publicity, it is worth detailed observing the potential consequences of its implementation 08.12.2021 Direct speech Bohdan Danylyshyn: Why non-resident investments in Ukrainian government bonds are at 10-months low Owing to the reduction of government bonds average retirement term the average government borrowing rate in the national currency in November decreased to 11.48% 06.12.2021 Direct speech Oleh Nemchinov: How the new law on administrative procedure will protect rights of citizens and businesses The Verkhovna Rada has approved a draft law that Ukraine has been waiting for for more than 20 years. From now on, the Law "On Administrative Procedure" regulates the order of interaction of citizens and businesses with government agencies 02.12.2021 Direct speech Valery Klochok: Bill No. 5600 and the "economic passport of a Ukrainian". How to distribute the natural rent money? The main disposition that significantly slowed down adoption of the bill No. 5600 was the so-called "anti-Akhmetov" block of the law, which assumed an increase in rent for iron ore. And not even so much rent as 10% of logistics costs
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