21.12.2021 State policy What impedes economic growth in Ukraine? At the end of last year, the Government projected economic growth of 5% in 2021, but this forecast had to be adjusted several times during the year — though, downwards. What factors hindered economic growth during this year, the FEG finds out from economic and financial experts 07.12.2021 Budget Budget-2022: Modernization or new debts? On 2 December, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading and in general the state budget of Ukraine for 2022, on which 268 people’s deputies voted 03.12.2021 State policy Cheese in a mousetrap? Why the IMF tranche is an "advance" The IMF unexpectedly used the "first money, then chairs” tactics to Ukraine. Will Ukraine now be able to fulfil its commitments made under the Memorandum and will it even want to? 11.11.2021 State policy Bohdan Danylyshyn: Ukraine’s economy resembles a fading volcano — it either fades away or explodes with renewed vigour Head of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine Bohdan Danylyshyn, in exclusive interview for FEG, explains why foreigners are not interested in Privatbank privatization and comments on the risks of Budget-2022, on existing public debt refinancing and the ineffectiveness of monetary impulses in overcoming inflation 01.11.2021 State policy Pandemic knocking at your door, or Prepare for quarantine in summer, for economic growth — in winter Another pandemic surge has revived the question of how inevitable quarantine measures will affect economic growth. The National Bank has already announced that the current restrictions will not be as disruptive to the economy as they were last year. But even the last year we could manage to avoid such big losses 20.10.2021 State policy NBU reform in exchange for IMF loan The National Bank will become a more independent and independent player - it has gained the opportunity to rely in its activities on economic realities, and not on the political conjuncture 01.10.2021 State policy Investments in transit. Why Ukraine needs logistics program "Greater Integration" Construction of international transport corridors through Ukraine, supplemented by creation of logistics hubs, warehouses, transport companies, production of locomotives and wagons, should give a powerful boost to economy and attract investment 27.09.2021 Budget Leaky reserve. Why Ukraine can't use State Reserve to counter "imported inflation" With a reasonable application of commodity intervention policy in domestic market, the government could have additional opportunities to effectively resist price growth. However, at the moment, the State Commodity Reserve is suffering from underfunding 22.09.2021 Budget What will the IMF mission in Ukraine do? The mission of the International Monetary Fund has returned to Ukraine – this time online. But the format does not reduce the status of negotiations in any way. Revision of the $5 billion stand-by program is on the table 15.09.2021 Budget State budget-2022: money is scarce, but the government plans salaries rise Balanced and socially oriented - The Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft budget for the year 2022, that envisages higher salaries for doctors, scholarships for students and more spending on culture
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